Rules on Decks and Digimodify Cards (to be edited by Azure/Red)

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Rules on Decks and Digimodify Cards (to be edited by Azure/Red)

Post by CrossingWorlds on Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:06 am

Digimodify cards are used to provide support for Digimon in battle, through the use of Equipment, Attacks, or other means that the digimon normally could not do itself.

Decks have a limit of 30 cards

You cannot have more than 1 Mega card, 4 Ultimate cards, and 10 Champion cards in a deck, but you can have any number of Rookie cards.

Mega cards cannot be attacks, just equipment or support.

Attack cards cannot be used by Digimon who are below the attack's rank, but can be used by any Digimon above the rank. ie: Rookies can't use Ultimate or Champion rank attack cards, but an Ultimate can use any rank of attack cards

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